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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The beetle lipas

NEW SPECIES: The Conservation International (CI) Blattodean (Simandoa conserfariam) – These interesting insects are known from a single cave in Guinea's Simandoa Range, where Conservation International's (CI) Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) scientists discovered them in 2002The Conservation International (CI) Blattodean
NEW SPECIES: The Conservation International (CI) Blattodean (Simandoa conserfariam).
Named for Conservation International, this beetle is known only from one cave in Guinea's Simandou Range, where it was found by a CI RAP expedition in 2002. Its eating habits are of note, as it consumes giant fruit bat guano (droppings), helping to recycle the nutrients found in the droppings. Perhaps not as exciting as a mammal, it and other beetles have a vital role in the ecosystem, often overlooked, performing services such as recycling.

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