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Monday, September 23, 2013

History deepwater Nautilus

Deepwater Nautilus / Deep Ocean Exploration Oil Rig
Deepwater Nautilus - 5th generation deep water, exploratory oil rig
Deepwater Nautilus is very similar in design to Deepwater Horizon. Deepwater Horizon is a fifth generation semi-submersible drilling rig that is designed for harsh environments and effective work to 8,000', upgradeable to 10,000' with maximum drill depth of 30,000' (9144m). It was designed by Reading & Bates Falcon and built in 2001 by Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea. DWH is 396' (121m) long, 256' (78m) breadth, 136' (41m) depth with an operating draft of 76' (23m). Deepwater Horizon has 130 berths and is designed to operate in storm conditions with 29' waves and 60 knot winds. It should withstand 41' waves and winds of 103 knots without incident.

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