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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Food

 list of 15 of them:

Dates and milk (Photo courtesy:
  1- Milk, water and dates
Muslims traditionally break their fast by consuming any of these foods, in adherence to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, who also broke his fast this way.

Amar el Deen (Photo courtesy:
  2- Amar al-Deen
Sheets of apricot are cut and soaked in water for hours. The solution is then mixed with enough water to make it smooth.

An Egyptian teenager holding a cup of Erk soos. (Photo courtesy:
3- Erk Soos
Extracts of the liquorice plant are mixed with water to make this drink that is served in Egypt and the Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria).

Tamr Hindi (Photo courtesy:
4- Tamar Hindi
Tamar Hindi, or Tamarind, is a sour chilled drink usually sold throughout the year in several Arab countries.

Jellab (Photo courtesy:
5- Jellab
A syrup made of grape molasses mixed with rose water and sugar, then poured over ice and decorated with pine nuts.

Bryani (photo courtesy:
6- Rice-based dishes
Biryani, Mansaf and Kabsas make up an integral part of Ramadan meals in several Muslim countries in Asia.

Kousa Mahshi (photo courtesy:
7- Stuffed vegetables
Peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis and vine leaves are stuffed with flavored rice to make what is commonly known in the Arab world as Mahshi. It is mainly famous in Egypt and the Levant.

Couscous with shrimp (photo courtesy:
8- Couscous
A North African dish of granulated semolina, served with meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.

Masgouf (photo courtesy: Masgouf Cuisine)
9- Masgouf
A famous Iraqi dish of baked fish.

Harees (photo courtesy:
10- Harees
A popular dish in the Gulf, it consists of coarsely-ground wheat buried underground with chicken or meat.

Kunafa (photo courtesy:
11- Kunafa
A sweet made from spun shredded wheat. It can be filled with cream, cheese, or nuts and raisins, depending on which Arab region it comes from.

Atayef (photo courtesy:
12- Atayef
Originally famous in Egypt and the Levant, these Arabic pancakes are usually filled with cheese or nuts, and served with a sugary syrup or honey.

Luqaimat (Photo courtesy:
13- Luqaimat
Small, sweet dumplings made from butter, sugar, milk and flour. They are called Luqaimat in the Gulf, Awamat in the Levant, and Zalabia in Egypt.

Moroccan lentil soup (Photo courtesy:
14- Soups
Soups are essential components of Ramadan meals. Chicken, lentil, vegetable and tomato soups are commonly served.

Fatoush salad (Photo courtesy:
15- Salads and beans
Green salads include Fattoush and Tabbouleh. Bean dishes such as Hummus (chickpeas) and Foul (broad beans) are also common, not only because of their variety, but because they keep people full for long periods.

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