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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Day transformer fails

DMK02 Bumblebee [remodel]

DMK02 Bumblebe




Crane Accidents site, maintained by Doyle Peeks, keeps good track of all kinds of mis-fortunes happening to cranes. Here are a few examples:

Do-it-yourself Crane:
(don't try to make this thing)

(images credit: Crane Accidents)

Other heavy machinery joins in on the fun:

On this Dutch site you'll see multiple occasions of sunken groomers and other heavy machinery plight:

(images credit: ebertwelding)

Trucks do not fare any better:

A 32-ton lorry hanging from the bridge in Lancashire. 

(photos by Ralph Cruickshank)

It helps to avert disaster if your truck is scary as hell itself:

In the meantime, the biggest and the heaviest haulers tackle the scariest tasks:

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