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Friday, March 30, 2012

Unwanted date

After 48 years of service, a former Royal Malaysian Navy warship was sunk at the Sawadi diving spot and will be made a diving attraction.
KD Sri Sarawak which was decommissioned to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency in 2005, was sunk in a 40-minute operation in one of the top diving spots in the world near here yesterday.
The warship, which was renamed as KM Sipadan, was first used in 1964.
It was given to the Marine Park Department to be turned into an artificial reef for marine life.
'Burial' at sea: A former Royal Malaysian Navy warship being sunk in the depths of the Sawadi diving spot, off Pulau Tioman, so that it can be turned into an artificial reef. The Marine Park Department hopes that the 40-minute ‘burial at sea’ Wednesday will allow marine life in the area to thrive

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