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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mother's for every human

Eve’s (Peace be upon her) Grave

Location: Makbaratu Unmunah Hawa (Meaning Graveyard of Mother Hawa or Eve), Bab Mukkah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia( Je-dah means of old mothers)

The old entrance to the graveyard, which is no longer in use.

The new gate or entrance.

The gate sign.

The grave on the left is assumed to be the grave of Mother Hawa (Peace be upon her).

View of other graves in the graveyard. Note the size of them.

Compare the size of the graves in respect to the khatia’s (dead body carrier) left on the side of present day human sizes.

The graves of our giant ancestors.

Giant graves are also discovered in different parts of the middle-east. A giant single foot print is found on Adam’s peak in Srilanka, which is assumed to be the foot print of Father Adam (Peace be upon him) who stood on one of his foot for 350 years as a gesture of punishment to himself in order to seek mercy and forgiveness from Allah in prayer until he was forgiven. That is why we see only one foot print there. That print is also of a giant. However, the local people says that it is the foot print of Buddah

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