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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finds the wrong


his cartoon contains
7 mistakes. If you find
all of them, you should be considered the new Lawrence of Arabia. If you find only 5, you are still a champ. If you find only 3, you are in fairly good shape. If you find less than two, you deserve a weekend in Baghdad.
1. Saddam is misspelled.
2. An igloo in the desert?
3. Women are never allowed to get in the ring with men.
4. You can hardly find sharks in Iraqi deserts.
5. It would be considered unfair to use a roller skate in the boxing ring.
6. It would be just as unfair to use three hands in the fight.
7. New York City was never in the USSR, especially after the Soviet Union disappeared.
It contains 7 mistakes.
If you find all of them, you are entitled to have your mother send you for a week's vacation to the glorious Tel Aviv Hilton. If you find only 5, you're still a Middle-Eastern connoisseur. If you find only 3, you may be entitled to a camel ride around the block. If you find fewer than 2, better move to a cooler climate.

1. No one has used arrows in the Middle East during the last 9 months.
2. Even peace doves have only 2 eyes.
3. No self-respecting peace dove would ever smoke cigarettes.
4. Even the most alert peace dove does not have ears.
5. Olive branches do not grow flowers.
6. The word "terror" is misspelled, very loud and clear.
7. So far, relations between Israel and South Korea have been quite wonderful, especially on their mutual border

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