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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top pick 2012 cars

A redesigned, significantly improved Camry Hybrid has helped Toyota capture five of the 10 spots on this year’s Top Picks list. Toyota’s ability to maintain its competitive lead among hybrids and SUVs is a big factor in its strong presence on this year’s list. But another factor is today’s weaker minivan field. The current Sienna scored lower in our tests than its predecessor, but the front-wheel-drive version is the only minivan that didn’t have below-average reliability in our latest survey. So it’s the only minivan we recommend.

Our Top Picks are the best all-around models in their categories, chosen from the more than 260 vehicles we’ve recently tested. For car shoppers, they are a great place to start.
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Top Picks must meet our criteria in three areas:

Road test
Each must rank at or near the top of its category in overall test score.

Each must have earned an average or better predicted-reliability Rating, based on the problems Consumer Reports subscribers reported on 1.3 million vehicles in our latest Annual Auto Survey.

Top Picks must perform well if included in crash- or rollover tests conducted by the government or the insurance industry.

Each model’s report card shows its overall road-test and predicted-reliability Ratings, as well as its overall fuel economy in our tests. If multiple Ratings are displayed, they apply to different versions of a model. Prices reflect the sticker prices when we bought our test cars. You can find more details on all of the Top Picks in our vehicle ratings.

Family sedan: Toyota Camry Hybrid

With its 2012 redesign, the Camry Hybrid jumped to the top of the family-sedan category. One eye-opener for a car of this size is its impressive 38 mpg overall fuel economy, the best in class and even better than some smaller hybrids that lack the Camry’s performance. Other high points include a comfortable ride; a roomy, quiet cabin; fairly quick acceleration; and for 2012, a nicer interior and somewhat crisper handling (although the Camry is still no sports sedan)

Sporty car: Ford Mustang

The heart of this iconic sports car has always been its strong acceleration and rumbling V-8 power. And the 5.0-liter V-8 in our GT coupe and convertible test cars doesn’t disappoint, providing scorching acceleration, a great exhaust sound, and good fuel economy for this class. Even the 3.7-liter V-6 is punchy and refined, and it’s more fuel efficient than the V8. But now there’s more to the Mustang than power. Agile handling, a decent ride, comfortable front seats, and very good fit and finish make the current version an inviting package. The rear seat is tight but usable in a pinch

Affordable family sedan: Hyundai Sonata

With last year’s family-sedan pick, the Nissan Altima, due for a redesign soon, we chose the four-cylinder Sonata as a more affordable alternative to the Camry Hybrid. For less than $22,000, the Sonata provides a roomy, well-equipped cabin, supple ride, nimble handling, and thrifty 27 mpg overall. And despite its swoopy, coupe-like styling, the Sonata still provides decent rear-seat room and rear visibility, unlike many other cars today

Small SUV: Toyota RAV4

With its inviting blend of performance, fuel economy, and versatility, the RAV4 continues to set the pace among small SUVs. It also provides a roomy interior, comfortable ride, and responsive handling, as well as excellent reliability. With a four-cylinder engine, the RAV4 delivers some of the best gas mileage in its class. The spirited V-6 version accelerates as quickly as many sports sedans and gets only 1 mpg less than the four-cylinder model. Its optional third-row seat is small but useful

Family hauler: Toyota Sienna (V-6)

This versatile minivan fits the bill nicely for families looking for a comfortable, roomy interior, plenty of features, and the ability to carry up to eight people. Among its high points are lively performance, decent fuel economy, and a comfortable ride, although the handling is rather lackluster. The Sienna is the only minivan available with all-wheel drive. But that version has had below-average reliability, according to our latest survey, so we recommend only the front-wheel-drive version.

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