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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Commonwealth Countries

CHOGM 2009 Family Photo. National Secretariat CHOGM 2009 / © Commonwealth Secretariat

Commonwealth countries

More than two billion people in 54 countries across six continents from Antigua and Barbuda to Zambia can count themselves to be citizens of the Commonwealth.
Membership extends to rich and poor nations alike in both northern and southern hemispheres. Some member states are landlocked, others are small island nations. Each faces its own unique challenges.
All 54 Commonwealth governments are eligible to become members of the Commonwealth Foundation. Total membership stands today at 47 countries. Associated states or overseas territories may apply for associate member status. Gibraltar is currently an associate member.
Antigua and Barbuda
Kenya Samoa
Australia Kiribati Seychelles
The Bahamas Lesotho Sierra Leone
Bangladesh Malawi Singapore
Barbados Malaysia Solomon Islands
Belize Maldives South Africa
Botswana Malta Sri Lanka
Brunei Darussalam Mauritius Swaziland
Cameroon Mozambique Tonga
Canada Namibia Trinidad and Tobago
Cyprus Nauru Tuvalu
Dominica New Zealand Uganda
Fiji Islands* Nigeria United Kingdom
The Gambia Pakistan United Republic of Tanzania
Ghana Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Grenada Rwanda Zambia
Guyana St Kitts and Nevis
India St Lucia
Jamaica St Vincent and the Grenadines

Italics indicates countries which are not currently members of the Commonwealth Foundation.
Please note that, unless stated otherwise, citizens of countries which are not members of the Commonwealth Foundation are not eligible for support from the Foundation or participation in Foundation activities.

*Following the decisions taken by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group on 31 July 2009, Fiji Islands was suspended from membership of the Commonwealth on 1 September 2009

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