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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mexoco earth quake April 112

Mexico Earthquake Today 2012 Felt South of San Diego in Baja California

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Two strong Mexico earthquakes today 2012 have be felt south of San Diego in Baja California. Today’s Mexico earthquakes are not related to the massive Acapulco neighboring earthquake yesterday. Today’s April 12, 2012 Mexico terremotos were located south of Ensenada near the Gulf of California. Both registered high magnitudes and nominal depths, USGS reports to news.
Two Mexico earthquakes today struck shortly around midnight. The first registered a 6.2 magnitude. Nine minutes later, a 6.9 magnitude temblor struck. USGS indicates to news that the second quake happened at 12:15 am today.
Both quakes, however, had nominal depths, USGS reports to news. The quakes were roughly six miles below the earth’s surface. Even though they struck in the Gulf, their impact could be felt across a wide cross section.
The quakes were roughly eighty-two miles northeast of Guerrero Negro in Baja California and one hundred miles from Santa Rosalia. Local news indicates that the quakes were one hundred thirty-three miles from Hermosillo and roughly three hundred miles from Phoenix.
Local news reports that the quakes were close to Las Arrastras, Mexico. They were roughly three hundred miles southeast of San Diego and were south east of Ensenada and Tijuana. No reports of damage have yet to be reporteddog the bounty hunter
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