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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treasures of Tutankhamun's


12 golden vessels that were placed in the interior of the Pharaoh

Mannequin of Tutankhamun. A unique piece, carved out of wood, primed and painted.

A large statue of Tutankhamun. This painted statue of quartz depicts Tutankhamun. Despite her injuries, the face of Pharaoh keeps young and serene expression.

Statue of Tutankhamun's life-velichinu.Ona was one of a couple that once framed the entrance to the burial chamber and acted as a guardian of the tomb, and the Ka (spirit)

Golden statue of Tutankhamun, riding on a black leopard. This statue - one of a pair showing on the back of Tutankhamen leopard.

Ushebti of grobnitsy.Ushebti, or funerary figures were intended to do the job instead of the deceased in the afterlife. They were usually made ​​of porcelain, wood or pottery and varied sizes.

Ushebti Tutankhamun in a white crown. This ushebti - one of 413 found in the tomb. This beautiful statue depicts the pharaoh in the White Crown of Upper Egypt. It is generally considered that the White Crown was made ​​of silver, while the Red Crown of Lower Egypt - painted copper.

Ushebti Tutankhamun in the Nubian parike.Vse ushebti portray the young pharaoh, but differ in details such as hair or a hat.

Golden statue of Tutankhamun's tomb

Death mask of Tutankhamen's tomb from the inside in his tomb

Another view on the famous golden mask inlaid with cornelian, lapis lazuli and turquoise

Alabaster vessel for incense in the form of a mythical lion

Bracelet of Tutankhamun with busenkami and scarabs

Pendant with the throne name of Tutankhamun. It is decorated with a complex way: the central part of the pendant representing the name of the king, made ​​of lapis lazuli. Below - the hieroglyphic sign "beak", which resembles a basket, inlaid with blue glass; above - solar and lunar discs, made ​​of electrum.

Glove Tutankhamun. One of the two found in the tomb. Made from flax.

Earring of Tutankhamun

Model brewery (the tomb)

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