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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Sphinx

The head of the Sphinx, created around 2500 BC His face - the head of the pharaoh Chephren. Face 4.1 m wide.

The Sphinx itself 73 m long and 20 meters tall. Carved from the rock, he for many centuries has been corrupted in many places for different reasons. The head of the Sphinx has suffered more than the body.

The back of the Sphinx. Visible tail.

The area behind the Sphinx.

The area behind the Sphinx. Shown to the central pyramid of Chephren and mastabas.

A View from the north-west side Sphinx

A View from the east side of the Sphinx to the temple in the foreground and the Sphinx Pyramid of Khafre in the background.

To the south of the Sphinx is a temple of the Valley of the Kings. Built of massive blocks of the inner part of the temple decorated with red granite. Photo shows some of the sixteen granite columns that once supported the roof. Each of them is 4 m in height.

The corridor leading from the Temple Valley of the Kings to the funerary temple.


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