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Friday, September 21, 2012



In a world of massive amounts of mushrooms - edible mushrooms, deadly, amazingly beautiful, magical, narcotic and not noted anything. Although we have a lot of mushroom, and you may have never met such instances ... eccentric views. Here are a dozen of the most unusual, eccentric fungi found in nature:
1. Trametes multicolor
This type of fungus, spread all over the world and growing mainly on trunks of dead trees. It is notable for a very colorful stripes. Inedible fungus, but it is used in Chinese medicine. Scientists have recently discovered that the substance of this fungus increases immunity ...

2. Mushroom "bleeding tooth"

Often found in central Europe, in coniferous forests. Very noticeable - liquid, deep red color stands out from the pores of the fungus, reminds us of the criminal scene, only in nature. The fungus is not toxic, but tends to scare people and predators to its very bitter taste.

3. Mushroom "earth star"
The fungus is called triple zvezdovik is a puffball mushroom, which is almost on the hills around the world. This amazing mushroom changes its appearance as soon as "climbs" out of the ground. "Rays" he bent down and lifted a round body, releasing spores into the air.

4. The false morel
They are very similar to the brain, just brown or dark purple. Another name for this fungus - "mushroom steak" - is a delicacy, if you know how to cook it. It is better not to try - an inability it is deadly.

5. Ezhovik Comb
Other name - "monkey head", "lion's mane" or "bearded tooth" and does not look like a mushroom. This edible mushroom that grows on trees. In cooked much like its color and texture of seafood.

6. Bioluminescent fungus
This amazing mushroom glow green. Growing miracle in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and Mexico. Bioluminescence is because they have a substance very similar to what is and fireflies.

7. Mitinus dog
The name was derived from the Roman phallic god, meaning "like a dog." Curiously, the dark tip of this unusual mushroom attracts insects and has a smell that resembles cat feces.

8. Coral fungus
The fungus appears as if growing on a coral reef. Scientists have determined that there are 1,200 species of fungi klavariya, characterized by its shades ranging from white to purple and bright orange. These mushrooms grow mainly in the tropics and are considered inedible.

9. Reshetochnik red
Mushroom looks like an alien from a fantastic movie. Mushroom matures from egg-shaped white body, getting kind of bright red trellis ball. Reshetochnik red - a relative of mushrooms veselok smelling very unpleasant smell something resembling excrement and rotten meat.

10. Sky Blue Mushroom
He dwells in the forests of India and New Zealand. These mushrooms are poisonous blue, but the toxicity of their little studied. It acquired its color because of the pigment azulina contained in the fruit body, found even in some marine invertebrates.

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