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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Malaysia Airlines releases full passenger manifest for flight MH17

Malaysia Airlines releases full passenger manifest for flight MH17

Malaysia Airlines has today released the full passenger manifest of flight MH17 (see list below).
The breakdown of nationalities is as follows: Holland (192), Malaysia (29, plus 15 crew), Australia (27), Indonesia (12), United Kingdom (10), Germany (4), Belgium (4), Philippines, Canada and New Zealand (1 each).
The airline had last night released the cargo manifest and airway bill for flight MH17.
It is understood that pet animals and birds were also among the casualties when the flight was hit by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday night.
This is the second major tragedy to befall a Malaysia Airlines flight in the past four months, following the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370.
On March 8, flight MH370 departed from KLIA bound for Beijing with 12 crew members and 227 passengers on board.
Despite the massive land and air search from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean, there has been no sign of the aircraft.
Both the tragedies befalling MH17 and MH370 have resulted in a loss of 537 lives in total. – July 19, 2014.
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In Gaza, whatever the target, children often the victims

In Gaza, whatever the target, children often the victims

Palestinian boys look at the bodies of two Palestinian boys, who medics said were killed in an Israeli tank shell. The spiraling number of children killed in the latest conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza has raised international concern. – Reuters pic, July 19, 2014.Palestinian boys look at the bodies of two Palestinian boys, who medics said were killed in an Israeli tank shell. The spiraling number of children killed in the latest conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza has raised international concern. – Reuters pic, July 19, 2014.Ten-year-old Afnan Shuheiber was playing on a Gaza City rooftop with her cousins when she became one of at least 73 children killed by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip.
The spiraling number of children killed in the latest conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza has raised international concern.
Today, a group of international and Palestinian rights groups and aid agencies urged an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, noting the high number of children killed.
"So far, more children have been killed by Israeli fire than Palestinian militants," said a statement from the groups, including War Child and Defence for Children International.
The UN children's agency, UNICEF, said children made up one third of civilian casualties in the conflict so far.
"From July 8, until 4:00AM on July 19, at least 73 Palestinian children have been reported killed as a result of airstrikes and shelling Israel aerial, naval and ground forces," UNICEF's Catherine Weibel told AFP.
She said the children included 53 boys and 20 girls under the age of 18 years old.
"The youngest was reportedly three months old," she said.
More than half of the children killed are under the age of 12.
Afnan, known as Fulla by her family, was among them, killed on Thursday afternoon along with her cousins, Jihad and Wissam, in Gaza City's Sabra district.
Neighbours said the children were taking advantage of the relative lull in the violence that afternoon, going to the roof to relax after days of being cooped up at home.
At the Shifa hospital, the cousins were lined up side-by-side in front of relatives overwhelmed by grief.
Seven-year-old Wissam's eyes were still open – he looked to be staring into the distance.
Their deaths came after those of another four children, killed as they played on the beach in Gaza City in strikes witnessed by journalists staying at a beachfront hotel.
Ahed Atef Bakr, aged 10, Zakaria Ahed Bakr, also 10, Mohamed Ramez Bakr, nine, and Ismail Mohamed Bakr, 11, were also cousins.
Relatives said they too had sought to escape the stifling confines of their homes in Shati refugee camp.
Two strikes hit the areas where they were playing.
The first scattered the crowd of adults and children who were next to a gathering of straw beach huts.
A second followed as they ran along the sand in fear.
The Israeli army later said that a preliminary investigation showed the children were the "tragic" victims of a strike targeting "Hamas terrorist operatives."
A senior army official said today that the military was "sorry" about the deaths of women and children.
"When you fight there are mistakes," he said.
Weibel said the number of children among the dead in Gaza was of "deep concern" to UNICEF.
"Children should be protected from the violence, and they should not be the victims of a conflict for which they have no responsibility," she told AFP.
She also raised concerns about the long-term effects of the violence on Gaza's children, many of whom are now living through their third war in less than six years.
Israel and Hamas fought similar conflicts in Gaza in both 2012 and over the New Year in 2009.
"You have children who are going to be scarred for life because of what they are seeing," said Weibel.
Even before the war, some 60,000 children in Gaza were in need of psychosocial support, she said, and the number is expected to soar after this conflict.
The potential for such problems is evident every day in Gaza – wide-eyed children seeing their relatives and friends buried after shelling.
One boy among the crowd hit by Israeli fire on the beach escaped unhurt, but was hysterical and inconsolable.
"They're dead, they're dead," he cried over and over. – AFP, July 19, 2014.
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Plane with 298 on board shot down in Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Plane with 298 on board shot down in Ukraine


Australia says “Russian-backed rebels” downed Malaysian plane in Ukraine

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today it appeared that "Russian-backed rebels" were behind the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jetliner over eastern Ukraine that killed all 298 people on board.
Ukraine's state security chief has accused Russian military intelligence officers of involvement with pro-Russian rebels in the downing of the airliner yesterday, but Western leaders have until now been less quick to assign blame.
Abbott blamed anti-Kiev separatists for shooting down the plane during a sombre speech before parliament in which he confirmed that 27 Australian citizens had died in the crash.

"This is a grim day for our country and it's a grim day for our world. Malaysian airlines MH17 has been shot down over the eastern Ukraine, it seems by Russian-backed rebels," he said. – Reuters, July 18, 2014.
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Seorang lelaki cuba memadamkan api di mana MH17 hempas di Grabovo, berdekatan Donetsk, Ukraine. Pesawat itu ditembak oleh militan pro-Rusia, meragut 295 nyawa, lapor Kementerian Dalam Negeri Ukraine. – Gambar Reuters, 18 Julai, 2014.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Looks like photoshop

I Found These 23 Photos Unreal, Thinking It Was Photoshopped.. But I’m Dead Wrong! These Are True And It’s Really Hard To Believe!

 22.7K  11 Google +17

You have to believe the photos you’re about to see because from natural phenomenons to perfectly timed photographs, these are TRUE!
1. Mirror photoshop trick? No.
They’re just soldiers marching in unison.
2. A tornado? No.
Just a big cloud!
3. Witch’s house, maybe? No.
It’s a real house. It’s just painted in black!

5. A plastic fish? No.
It’s the biggest goldfish ever
6. Tricking you? No.
Just in Eli Roth’s Goretorium haunted house to haunt you!

Just perfect timing!
8. A ghost? No.

Just makeup.
9. Some atomic bomb? No.
Just a photo of a cloud taken by a National Geographic photographer.
10. It’s not what you think.
It’s the “Magic tap” at a Santa Maria water park.
11. Glued on the photo? No.
Just the daredevil Dean Potter walking on a tightrope
12. Really built like this? No.
These train tracks in New Zealand were straight and then this happened after an earthquake

13. Dreaming? No.
A man-made funnel that drains during floods.
14. Flying buildings? No.
It’s the Dubai skyline reaching the clouds.
15. Siddharta Gautama? No.

Just a 3D image (looks like Buddha) on a tree by the photographer Clement Briend.
16. A cross made in purpose? No.
Just a pole that caught on fire.
17. Kind of flowing? No.
Just a drape over a construction site.
18. Headless hockey player? No.
The helmet was took off. Perfect shot.
19. Wrongly landed? No.
This is a resort on the east coast of South Korea!
20. In different photo effect? No.

Makeup and hair dye will do wonders!
21. Painted body? No.
Just a hybrid of a pony and a zebra!
22. Photoshop? No.
This was taken by the French photographer Philippe Ramette.
23. Unreal? No.
It’s a scuba diving tank in a Dubai hotel

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was spotted at Redhill hawker centre, queueing for 30 minutes to buy fried chicken.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was spotted at Redhill hawker centre, queueing for 30 minutes to buy fried chicken.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Turkish mine disaster


Turkish mine disaster town under lockdown as death toll rises to 301

May 18, 2014
Protesters run away from water cannons fired by police during a demonstration to blame the ruling AK Party (AKP) government for the mining disaster in western Turkey, in Istanbul yesterday. – Reuters pic, May 18, 2014. Protesters run away from water cannons fired by police during a demonstration to blame the ruling AK Party (AKP) government for the mining disaster in western Turkey, in Istanbul yesterday. – Reuters pic, May 18, 2014. Turkish police put the mining town of Soma on virtual lockdown yesterday, setting up checkpoints and detaining dozens of people to enforce a ban on protests as rescue efforts following the country's worst industrial disaster ended.
The last two bodies of workers thought still to have been left in the mine were carried out four days after a fire sent deadly carbon monoxide through it.
That brought the death toll to 301, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said.
Hundreds of riot police patrolled the streets while others checked identity cards at three checkpoints on the approach road to Soma, a Reuters witness said.
The local governor banned protests in response to clashes a day earlier between police and several thousand demonstrators.
Eight lawyers from the Contemporary Jurists Association, including its leader, were handcuffed and detained during the lockdown on suspicion that they had gone to the town to take part in more protests, the private Dogan news agency reported.
A total of 36 people were arrested and taken to a sports centre in the town where they chanted: "the pressure cannot intimidate us", the agency said.
The number of detentions could not immediately be confirmed.
Tuesday's disaster has triggered protests across Turkey, aimed at mine owners accused of ignoring safety for profit, and at Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's government, seen as too close to industry bosses and insensitive in its response.
Erdogan has presided over a decade of rapid economic growth, but worker safety standards have failed to keep pace, leaving Turkey with one of the world's worst industrial accident records.
The plant manager denied any negligence at the mine which was inspected by state officials every six months.
Demonstrators clashed with police in the western port city of Izmir overnight, some setting up makeshift barricades and throwing stones and fireworks aimed at the police, Hurriyet newspaper reported. Some 40 people were detained.
There were also protests in Istanbul.
Some residents in the city banged pots and pans from their windows, an act which was a feature of last summer's nationwide anti-government unrest.
Anger at Erdogan
The police intervention in Soma could add to public anger towards Erdogan.
He has survived mass demonstrations and a corruption probe into his government over the past year to remain Turkey's dominant politician, but now risks alienating conservative, working-class voters that form his party's base.
There was wide media coverage of footage apparently showing Erdogan slapping a man as locals jeered his entourage when he visited Soma this week.
The man, Taner Kurucan, said Erdogan had slapped him and told Kanal D TV he was then beaten by the prime minister's bodyguards.
His adviser Yalcin Akdogan accused "gang members" of provoking Erdogan's team as he went to meet mourning families.
Anger was intensified by a photograph of an Erdogan aide kicking a protester held down by police special forces.
A group of students at the Istanbul Technical University occupied the mining faculty on Friday evening in protest at links between the university and the company which operates the mine - Soma Holding, the private Dogan news agency reported.
They said they would continue their protest until various demands were met, including a guarantee that the university's links with the company were cut and the resignation of an academic there who said those who die from carbon monoxide poisoning "died sweetly". He has apologised for his comment.
A university official said it had ended its ties with the owners of Soma Holding, meeting one of the students demands, Dogan reported.
The mining company managers held a fractious news conference on Friday where they said an unexplained build-up of heat was thought to have led part of the mine to collapse, fanning a blaze which spread rapidly more than 2 km under the surface.
Erdogan's opponents blame the government for privatising leases at previously state-controlled mines, turning them over to politically connected businessmen who they say may have skimped on safety to maximise profit.
Questioned on links between Soma Holding executives and Erdogan's ruling AK Party, a mine executive confirmed his wife was a local AK Party politician.
Company chairman Alp Gurkan said he had never met the prime minister before this week.
The AK Party said the formerly state-run mine at Soma, 480 km southwest of Istanbul, had been inspected 11 times over the past five years.
It denied any suggestion of loopholes in mining safety regulations. – AFP, May 18, 2014.

Kekal Cermin Gelap

JPJ tidak rancang kaji peraturan cermin gelap

KUCHING 17 Mei - Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) tidak merancang untuk mengkaji Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis Kaca Tertentu) 1991 yang menetapkan tahap cermin gelap yang dibenarkan.
Timbalan Ketua Pengarahnya, Datuk Ariffin Che Mat berkata, setakat ini tidak ada keperluan untuk mengkaji peraturan itu yang ditetapkan bagi memastikan keselamatan pengguna di jalan raya.
Beliau berkata, pihak­nya konsisten dalam me­nguatkuasakan undang-undang dengan hanya mem­benarkan mereka men­dapat pengecualian di bawah kaedah-kaedah kenderaan motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis Kaca Tertentu) 1991.
“Pihak JPJ hanya mem­benarkan dua keadaan iaitu atas masalah kesihatan se­telah mendapat pengesahan doktor pakar awam dan keselamatan yang disahkan polis.
“Cermin gelap ada beberapa isu contohnya takut disalah guna nanti oleh penjenayah-penjenayah yang menyukarkan untuk dikenal pasti," katanya.
Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas laporan sebuah akhbar mengenai peraturan cermin gelap yang dilihat sudah lapuk semasa sidang akhbar selepas merasmikan Penutup Program 1 Komuniti 1 JPJ (SKSJ) Bahagian Kuching di Dewan Masyarakat, Kampung Muara Tebas di sini hari ini.

Kuala Lumpur: Wanita yang ditemui di atas jejantas berhampiran Bangunan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) kerana menunaikan solat dan membaca al-Quran memberi alasan berbuat demikian selepas mendapat alamat melalui mimpi.
Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi, Asisten Komisioner Zainuddin Ahmad, berkata kejadian selepas pihaknya menerima maklumat dari orang awam, pada 1.30 petang Sabtu.Anggota polis yang melakukan penugasan am bergegas ke lokasi kejadian kerana bimbang wanita itu akan dilanggar kenderaan sebelum membawanya ke Balai Polis Tun HS Lee.

"Dia kemudiannya dihantar ke Unit Psikiatri Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) untuk pemeriksaan kesihatan," katanya ketika dihubungi.

Katanya, wanita itu dikenali sebagai Anita Shiar, 27, warga Indonesia dan tiada sebarang dokumen pengenalan diri ditemui padanya malah maklumat juga diberikan secara lisan.

Difahamkan, gambar wanita itu menjadi viral di laman sosial lewat petang tadi sehingga menimbulkan tanda tanya orang ramai.

Monday, April 14, 2014

MH370 Detected OIL slick

Oil slick detected in MH370 search area, says Aussie official

April 14, 2014
The Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) vessel Hai Xin 01 is seen from a Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) P-3K2 Orion aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, as the search continues for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Australian officials leading the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean are weighing when to deploy an underwater robot to aid in the hunt. – Reuters pic, April 14, 2014.The Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) vessel Hai Xin 01 is seen from a Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) P-3K2 Orion aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, as the search continues for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Australian officials leading the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean are weighing when to deploy an underwater robot to aid in the hunt. – Reuters pic, April 14, 2014.The head of the Australian agency supervising the search for a missing Malaysia Airlines plane said today that an oil slick had been detected in the search area for  flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean.
"I can report that (Australian ship) Ocean Shield detected an oil slick yesterday evening in her current search area," Angus Houston said.

He also said that the autonomous underwater vehicle would soon be deployed, moving the search underwater after nearly six weeks of fruitless searching.
Houston added that although an oil slick was located in the search area on Sunday evening, he was pessimistic about the likelihood of finding any of the floating debris.
"I stress the source of the oil is yet to be determined but the oil slick is approximately 5,500m downwind... from the vicinity of the detections picked up by the towed-pinger locator on Ocean Shield," he said.

It would be a number of days before the oil could be conclusively tested ashore, but Houston said he did not think it was from a search vessel.
"The chances of any floating material being recovered have greatly diminished and it will be appropriate to confer with Australia's partners to decide the way ahead later this week," Houston said.
Searchers are confident they know the approximate position of wreckage of the Boeing 777-200ER (9M-MRO), some 1,550km northwest of Perth, and are moving ahead on the basis of four acoustic signals they believe are from its black box recorders.

"Despite the lack of further detections, the four signals previously acquired taken together constitute the most promising lead we have in the search for MH370," Houston told reporters in Perth.

"The experts have, therefore, determined that the Australian Ocean Shield will cease searching with a towed-pinger locator later today and deploy the autonomous underwater vehicle, 'Bluefin-21', as soon as possible," he said, referring to the United States navy device designed to detect the tell-tale "pings".
The US-made Bluefin-21, a 4.93m-long sonar device will now scour the seabed.

The sonar device, which weighs 750kg, can operate at a depth of up to 4,500m – roughly the depth of the ocean floor where the pings were detected.

Houston said that in the hunt for the plane's black box transmissions the last signal was logged six days ago.

"We haven't had a single detection in six days so I guess it's time to go underwater," he said.
The batteries in the plane's black box are now a week past their 30-day expected life and searchers will be relying on sonar and cameras on the Bluefiun-21 to detect the box.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared soon after taking off on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board. – Agencies, April 14, 2014.

'Flor de la Mar'


Harta Karun Di Pulau Nangka Milik Sultan Mahmud?

Diterbitkan: Isnin, 14 April 2014 8:58 AM
pulau nangka
(Ubah saiz teks)
MELAKA: Antara teori mengenai harta karun yang ditanam di Pulau Nangka itu bahawa ia mungkin merupakan sebahagian daripada kekayaan yang disimpan oleh sultan terakhir Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, Sultan Mahmud.
Sultan Mahmud dikatakan membawa sebahagian besar jongkong emas daripada diambil Portugis yang menakluk Melaka pada tahun 1511, dan selama berabad-abad, menerusi kisah yang dirahsiakan namun masih tidak luput sehingga ke hari ini.
Buku-buku sejarah mengatakan Sultan Mahmud cuba menawan semula Melaka tetapi tidak berjaya beberapa kali, mungkin kerana kekayaan yang masih ditinggalkan Baginda.
Menurut pakar sejarah Portugis pada abad ke-16, Portugis Fernao Lopes de Castanheda berhubung penaklukan tersebut, tentera yang menawan bandar itu tidak dapat mencari kekayaan Sultan itu.
Apa yang mereka cari adalah emas dalam bentuk jongkong, sutera, lakuer dan porselin.
Beliau menulis: "Mereka begitu marah bahawa Raja (Sultan) telah membawa segala khazanah, dan menuntut bela dengan membakar kediaman Raja (istana Sultan).
"Gabenor (Alfonso d' Albuquerque) memohon maaf di atas perbuatan yang melampaui batas itu, terutama apabila beliau mengetahui khazanah yang terkandung di istana tersebut.
Beliau yang memberi perintah untuk memadamkan api tetapi sudah terlambat keranan istana itu sudah hangus terbakar."
Apabila bangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri yang lama di Bukit St Paul sedang dibina pada 1960, runtuhan struktur lama dipercayai merupakan peninggalan istana, ditemui. Kira-kira 7,000 serpihan tembikar ditemui di kawasan itu.
Menurut catatan sejarah, harta yang diambil Albuquerque menggunakan kapal 'Flor de la Mar' adalah peti emas, permata, meja emas, pelbagai jenis batu permata, dua patung singa tembaga dan gelang sakti milik Raja Sabandar, yang hanya sebahagian kecil daripada kekayaan Sultan.
Bagaimanapun, sumber kekayaan yang dibawa menerusi 'Flor de la Mar' itu hilang apabila kapal tersebut karam dalam kejadian ribut di luar Sumatera pada Disember 1511.
Sejak itu, terdapat banyak percubaan untuk mencari kapal karam dan harta karun itu.
Terbaharu apabila usaha berkenaan dilakukan oleh seorang bekas ahli politik.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Pompeii?, Ya sekarang sedang di tunjukkan tayangan di pawagam dunia yang menipu diatas sejarah yang terjadi.. Pompeii yang merupakan simbol daripada keruntuhan akhlak yang dialami kekaisaran Romawi, adalah pusat perzinaan dan homoseks. Nasib Pompeii sama seperti yang dialami oleh kaum Nabi Luth as. Kehancuran Pompeii terjadi melalui letusan gunung berapi Vesuvius. Gunung Vesuvius adalah simbol negara Itali, khususnya kota Naples. Gunung yang telah membisu sejak dua ribu tahun yang lalu itu juga dinamai “The Mountain of Warning” (Gunung Peringatan). Di sebelah kanan gunung Vesuvius terletak kota Naples, sedangkan kota Pompeii berada di sebelah timur gunung tersebut. Lava dan debu daripada letusan maha dahsyat gunung tersebut yang terjadi dua milenium yang lalu memusnahkan penduduk kota tersebut.Catatan sejarah menunjukkan bahwa kota tersebut ternyata merupakan pusat kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran. Kota tersebut dipenuhi oleh meningkatnya jumlah lokasi perzinaan atau pelacuran. Tersangat banyaknya hingga jumlah rumah-rumah pelacuran tidak diketahui. Objek-objek kemaluan lelaki dengan ukurannya yang asli digantung di pintu tempat-tempat pelacuran tersebut.Lava gunung Vesuvius menghapuskan keseluruhan kota tersebut dari peta bumi dalam sekelip mata. Yang paling menarik daripada peristiwa ini adalah tak seorang pun mampu melepaskan diri daripada keganasan letusan Vesuvius itu. Apakah kita ingin menjadi seumpama kota yang musnah itu?? setelah maksiat yang sedang berleluasa, kematian akibat dari konsert di bukit Jalil itu merupakan petanda awal kearah menuju kehancuran, jika tidak dibaiki!! belajarlah dari sejarah ummat terdahulu..


AL FAEDAH WORLDWIDE ANALYSIS - CNN pada 14 Mac 2014 telah menyiarkan suatu temuramah dengan bekas pegawai CIA Robert Baer dalam usaha mereka memburuk-burukkan negara kita, di bawah tajuk:
Former CIA officer: I don't trust the Malaysians
Sayangnya, dalam pada usaha CNN & CIA untuk memburuk-burukkan orang Melayu (Malay) nampaknya mereka sendiri akhirnya membuka pekung di dada.
Menurut penemuramah, rancangan "merampas sebuah pesawat" ini nampak sangat "outlandish" (tak masuk akal) sehinggalah anda bertemu orang seperti Robert Baer. (Makna barulah nampak masuk akal..)
Baer was actually part of a CIA plot to hijack a Soviet airplane for its technology back in the 1980s.
"But thinking that somebody hijacked this (Malaysian) airliner in that fashion is truly outlandish," says Baer.
Menghurai klu-klu dalam temuramah ini:
1. Dia sudah pun memberi modus operandi yg diperlukan utk menghilangkan sebuah pesawat. depa buat zaman 80an lagi dimana pertama sekali depa akan "rekrut" pilot yg mahir utk melarikan pesawat. Sila ambil perhatian setelah mereka sorokkan, tutupkan pesawat dgn selubung besar supaya tdk di detect oleh satelit, dia kata "pihak SOviet akan ingat pesawat telah hilang.." Bermakna pilot yg di "rekrut" adalah pilot pihak Soviet yang telah di"beli" oleh mereka bermakna pertama gerakerja perisikan meviruskan pilot Soviet. Kedua melarikan pesawat Soviet bg pihak AS.....
2. "State actor" diperlukan makna ini bukan level hijacker biasa. Perlu dilakukan oleh sebuah negara yang memiliki landasan/lapangan pesawat. (rahsia)
3. Teroris Ughyur tidak mempunyai kepakaran untuk melakukan sendirian melainkan menerima bantuan teknikal sepenuhnya dari pihak "state actor" (sebuah negara).
4. Iran menurutnya tidak mempunyai rekod teroris yang hebat maupun pakar dalam merampas pesawat.
5. Teroris Ughyur tak boleh. Teroris Iran tak boleh.
6. "State actor" saja mampu menurut beliau. Persoalannya buat apa nak sebuah negara nak merampas sebuah pesawat komersil ?(bukan pesawat pejuan hi tech)
7. Maksudnya kalau perampas pesawat biasa ditolak dari kemungkinan, maka ada satu kemungkinan yang tinggal.
Iaitu sebuah negara ("state actor").
Maka apakah ini bermakna mereka akan menyalahkan "kambing hitam" China? Ataukah Iran?
8. Kalau China & Iran sebagai "state actors" mampu, kenapa pula Amerika Syarikat yang juga "state actor" tak mampu melakukan? Sedangkan jelas dengan pengakuannya itu, mereka sudah lama melakukan operasi yang sedemikian?
Siapakah yang lebih berkepentingan?
9. Persoalan terakhir, mengapakah China nak merampas sebuah pesawat yang majoritinya rakyat mereka sendiri? Lagi tak masuk akal

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pembiakan Nyamuk

Cuaca panas, hujan galakkan pembiakan nyamuk
KUALA LUMPUR - Hujan sekejap-sekejap dan cuaca panas boleh meningkatkan kadar pembiakan nyamuk selain mempercepatkan kitaran hidup serangga itu, kata pakar.
Ketua Unit Entomologi di Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan Malaysia Dr Lee Han Lim berkata, situasi sedemikian amat kondusif untuk nyamuk membiak dan larva pula dapat membesar di tempat pembiakan kerana tiada hujan lebat yang dapat menghanyutkannya.
Katanya cuaca panas pula menjadikan proses pembiakan nyamuk lebih cekap kerana keadaan itu mempercepatkan kitaran hidup serangga berkenaan.
"Jika hujan lebat sentiasa berlaku, wabak denggi jarang terjadi kerana nyamuk Aedes tidak dapat membiak secara berkesan. Akan tetapi keadaan hujan yang sekejap-sekejap menggalakkan pembiakan serangga itu.
"Nyamuk ambil masa untuk membiak, sekurang-kurangnya dua ke tiga minggu, dan perlu tempoh tertentu sebelum menyebarkan (virus) denggi," katanya kepada Bernama di luar pelancaran Jubli Emas Persatuan Kajiparasit dan Perubatan Tropika Malaysia (MSPTM) serta Kongres Perubatan Tropika dan Parasitologi Asean Keenam, di sini.

Kongres selama tiga hari itu dianjur oleh MSPTM bersempena sambutan ulang tahunnya dan dihadiri oleh 420 peserta dari 43 negara.
Bertemakan 'Cabaran Global Menghadapi Penyakit Tropika: Merapatkan Jurang dan Membangunkan Perkongsian', kongres berkongsi pengalaman dunia sebenar pakar mengenai cabaran yang dihadapi oleh Malaysia dan negara lain sekarang berikutan perubahan dinamik dalam penyebaran penyakit dan epidemiologi di kawasan tropika.
Antara penyakit yang dibincangkan ialah denggi dan malaria.
Dr Lee berkata, memandangkan belum ada vaksin yang berkesan untuk denggi, kerjasama masyarakat dan penglibatan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dalam mencegah denggi amat penting.
Malah, pihak seperti pemaju perumahan dan arkitek boleh memainkan peranan dengan memastikan reka bentuk bangunan tidak menjadi kawasan pembiakan nyamuk Aedes, katanya.

"Berdasarkan kajian kami, denggi berkaitan dengan kawalan vektor, justeru masyarakat mesti menjaga kebersihan persekitaran," katanya menambah mereka akan menjalankan lebih banyak kajian untuk mengawal populasi nyamuk.
Pandangan itu dikongsi Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan (Kesihatan Awam) Datuk Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman yang berkata bilangan kes denggi yang tinggi sekarang menuntut masyarakat agar lebih berwaspada dan memastikan persekitaran mereka bersih serta bebas daripada pembiakan nyamuk Aedes.
Menurutnya cuaca panas menyebabkan nyamuk Aedes cepat lapar dan lebih kerap menggigit manusia untuk mendapatkan darah yang merupakan makanan mereka.
"Orang ramai harus meningkatkan pengetahuan dan kesedaran mengenai wabak tropika seperti denggi dan malaria. Ini akan membantu mereka mengambil langkah sewajarnya," katanya.
Penyelidik Perunding di Jabatan Parasitologi, Fakulti Perubatan, Universiti Malaya, Datin Dr Indra Vythilingam pula menasihati mereka yang mengunjungi kawasan wabak malaria serta hutan dan tempat rekreasi misalnya, perlu menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan secepat mungkin jika berasa tidak sihat dan memaklumkan kepada doktor mengenai tempat yang dilawati.
Ini kerana kata pakar malaria itu ada ubat untuk penyakit berkenaan dan doktor mungkin tidak mengesyaki pesakit dijangkiti malaria jika mereka tidak dimaklumkan mengenai tempat yang dikunjungi pesakit.  - Bernama

Pusat Tahfiz Amal

PTA buat video jawab tomahan
****************Kalau benar sekali pun, jangan guna anak2 itu sampai tidak belajar.
  • Pusat Tahfiz Amal Video yang dimuatnaik dalam You Tube.
1 / 1
ALOR SETAR - Pusat Tahfiz Amal (PTA) mengeluarkan rakaman video dan dimuatnaik melalui laman You Tube bagi menyangkal segala dakwaan blogger yang tersebar di laman sosial, baru-baru ini.

Pengetuanya, Muslim Ab Karim dalam video itu sekali lagi berkata mereka mengambil kesempatan menjelaskan kedudukan sebenar pusat tahfiz, sekali gus menyangkal perkara yang dihebohkan dalam blog dan laman sosial.

Dalam rakaman bertajuk, 'Pengetua Pusat Tahfiz Amal sangkal Pembohongan', Muslim sekali lagi menjelaskan dia sebenarnya pengetua pusat tahfiz terbabit, manakala SM Amin yang didakwa pengetua PTA hanyalah tokoh korporat yang menyumbang kepada mereka.

“Apa yang dihebohkan dalam Facebook, blog merupakan usaha tidak bertanggungjawab segelintir blogger, pengguna laman sosial yang menggunakannya sebagai media mereka.

“Saya ingin sangkal SM Amin adalah pengetua, dia hanya tokoh korporat. Malah, kenyataan ini boleh dirujuk dalam surat khabar bertarikh 21 Februari lepas, “ katanya.

Malah, katanya dalam video terbabit lagi, pihaknya akan membuat rayuan mengenai arahan penutupan yang diterima mereka.

Muslim dalam kenyataan dalam video terbabit berkata, mereka juga ingin mempertahankan Sunnah Rasulullah SAW bahawa jualan amal ini membina jati diri yang terbaik.
“Ibarat kata orang tua, melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya,” katanya mengakhiri ucapan video terbabit.

Bagaimanapun, perkongsian video berdurasi 3.32 minit yang dimuatnaik pada 28 Februari lepas itu mendapat perhatian, sekali gus menerima reaksi pengguna laman sosial berkenaan.

Sebelum ini, Sinar Harian melaporkan PTA di Jalan Yan–Kuala Kedah, dekat sini menghentikan aktiviti jualan amal  sementara waktu selepas menerima arahan penutupan operasi dari Jabatan Agama Islam Kedah (Jaik) pada 10 Februari lepas.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Proton R3

Proton R3 model will be first R3 car to be mass-produced, wider target market – Tengku Djan

proton-r3-djan 038
Proton deputy CEO Datuk Lukman Ibrahim wasn’t the only one we managed to catch up with at the national carmaker’s Kuala Terengganu sales carnival – during a brief chat with Tengku Djan Ley, the ‘Prince of Drift’ shared with us some details regarding future offerings that would wear the hallowed R3 badge.
“You will actually see a more unique product based on the Suprima and Preve platform, with the R3 badge on it, in the very near future. We are already working on that with the Proton R&D team,” said the affable R3 team principal, adding that the car would be built on-line.
“This will be the first official mass-produced R3 product, with styling, handling and performance all combined. I’m very excited about it.”
Theophilus Chin‘s speculative rendering of a ‘Suprima R‘.
Although Djan was speaking of one model, we’ve already had indication that proper R3 versions (the full sambal belacan, not just R3 exterior bits) of the Preve as well as the Suprima S are in the pipeline.
In an interview with Datuk Lukman during the Suprima S launch event, the deputy CEO intimated that the R3 Preve would debut before the R3 Suprima S, although no timeframe was given. If this does indeed happen, the R3 Preve would then be the first full-on R3 car to be mass-produced.
Yes, the 2012 Satria Neo R3 is built on-line, but underneath its R3 dress, it’s essentially a Neo CPS (although the catalogue offers you an ECU upgrade, custom exhaust and lowered springs).
Full-fledged R3 cars have, for the most part, been halo models – mods were carried out by hand on cars pulled off the line, hence the limited numbers. Now, with the throttle pulled back on its overseas racing programmes, R3 is looking domestic – both in terms of motorsports and the commercial side of things.
In a bid to further commercialise the brand, future R3 models would cater to a wider target market and possibly even be offered in overseas markets, but Djan was quick to add that they would not be less special than R3 cars of yore (in a less hardcore way, surely).
Will the R3 Preve and R3 Suprima S take the six-speed manual-CFE turbo combo as a base to build upon